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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


where my compassion used to be

nick mentioned something about barack obama that reminded me...

the whole race thing with him has gotten tiresome IMHO. personally i'm just thrilled that the guy seems to be conscious of the average American's disgust for what politics has become, and the desire for some honesty. i'd be just as excited about what he's been saying if he was a woman of korean descent, or a WASP, or a delicious bass.

it bummed me out to see the newsmedia pulling the same old tricks with his comments about the 'wasted lives of American troops'. the guy has some refreshing things to say about how government could be, and all they seem to care about is watching for a misstep and opening fire. but this is the same 24-hour news circus that focused on anna nicole smith's fridge for days.

that said, i haven't gotten to spend any time looking into his voting record, which seems to be the only true litmus test of a candidate. i'm no political scientist, but i've been exposed to enough nuclear marketing material from campaigns in eight years that i filter them out anymore, much like ads on websites - my brain has taught itself to ignore them.

i don't know. what do you think? can you trust anything a campaigning politician says anymore? even if the words are as powerful and appealing as senator obama's?

we did enjoy some rudy's bbq while driving down capital of texas highway. friendly people, very old school roadside atmosphere, and some tasty brisket. we got some flack for being "n00bs from ohio". we watched NASCAR news on ESPN and listened to country, and for the first time all week i felt like i was really in texas. plus they played the single country track i can actually tolerate - the cover of life is a highway by some hilljacks that was in that pixar flick.

the legendary fry's was definitely a trip. the place was a microcenter, radio shack and best buy shoved together into a building the size of sam's club.

we watched lost at the original alamo draft house, a kitschy movie theater/restaurant joint that i fell in love with immediately. they have weekly TV show nights for free (24, lost, battlestar galactica), chili that knocked me on my face, and regular events, like a TMNT II movie / pizza night and a diff'rent strokes night. these guys roll around gloriously in classic, foolish american pop culture like pigs in slop. i wish we had one by us... heck, any church / coffeehouse could pull off what these guys do - especially sitting near a college campus - and probably attract hundreds of visitors. it's sheer genius.

Nutty Irishman

hey look bragg, they named a drink after you.


for this post

Blogger Bragg Says:

It's good to know that my contribution to society, at this point in my life, has been marked by a beverage that contains Bailey's.

I canna wait 'til me favorite holiday in a month. prepare ye the way for a true nutty irishman to blow down the stockings of B's mother, the great lass has been lef' a wantin for a wee bit now.

Blogger Mike Says:

Oh ... Nutty Irishman is the drink. I thought you were referring to the Strawberry Margarita ... cause its got a strawberry twist, like Bragg :)


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