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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


even if your heart would listen

since i haven't had a lot to post about lately... for a while i've wanted to do reviews of my five favorite all-time albums... probably the two standout characteristics of all five of these discs are relistenability (i just made that word up) - the album is fresh and moving and interesting even after a hundred spins; and internal diversity - the tracks that make up the disc don't all sound the same, in the context of the artist... so while they all may sound like the artist, or fit into a particular genre, they aren't cookie-cutter, there's variation in speed, style, mood, etc. that makes each one unique.

with that said, prepare for five posts of repetitive superlatives.

 #5. jimmy eat world - bleed american

in 2001 i took a road trip up to pittsburgh with causey, tony, nate, and nate's friend jared. halfway through ohio we were digging through disc cases and jared pulled out bleed american, which was at the time a new release. i'd never heard of the band, but a minute into track one, the title track, my jaw was on the floor. it was as if someone had created this mutant band that combined a handful of elements from different genres that i loved...

the vocals (the harmonies in particular) and the guitar are mixed perfectly. i've heard few other pristine examples of such incredible production.

the sensational dueling solo in the middle of get it faster. sweetness' catchy, anthemic chorus you can't help but shout. a complex, peaceful, melancholy track called cautioners. every track has memorable moments, stuff you can't wait to hear again on the next listen through.

one thing i really appreciated was the honestly, the vulnerability of the lyrics, talking about loss and hope and disappointment in a real way, one that wasn't quite as woe-is-me as, say, a weezer.

for the three years i drove the civic, i think maybe there were a total of four or so months that this disc wasn't in the changer. it was an old reliable - you could switch to it at any time and you knew at least one or two tracks would fit your mood. futures, the follow-up, is another great disc, chock full of great songwriting, but it's missing some of the magic of this one.

my favorite track on the disc, cautioners:

the time i would spend
with pictures i would not send
i watched you go from left to right
i follow you all night across my blinds

you'll change your mind come Monday
and turn your back on me
you take your steps away with hesitance
you take your steps away from me

i'm making my peace
and making it with distance
maybe that's a big mistake
you know I'm thinking of you
i miss you

you'll change your mind come Monday
and turn your back on me
you take your steps away with hesitance
you take your steps away from me


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Anonymous nathan Says:

has it really been 5 1/2 years since ikea? hmm, sounds like we need another road trip here soon, the one in west chester doesn't count. i'll be up for some swedish meatballs....

Blogger ryanham Says:

If only I were swedish I'd have a hell of a snappy comeback for that.


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