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how bout that weather? it's supposed to be 36 here tomorrow, and 35 in austin where i'll be tomorrow. go figure. at least it won't be burning up, i guess.

so wario ware: smooth moves' out of box experience left much to be desired. i expected to fire it up and start jamming thru minigames with renee... nope. the second remote doesn't even fire up, it acts like it's broken. after calling nintendo's customer service line, they explained that the multiplayer option (nonexistent on the main menu) is only available after you 'unlock it'. turns out that means you have to beat the single player mode first. took about 90 minutes... lame.

this is the type of game that the system was made for, right? well all those videos i watched, stuff that got me pretty hyped... all those had an assumption with it: that the wiimote would act flawlessly. but it's flaky - you have to sit at a fairly precise distance from the TV, and a particular height, to make sure all the minigames work right. if the wiimote's IR pointer loses the screen, you're screwed.

it's still fun, and the minigames are clever and the multiplayer mode is still worth some laughs, but after a few hours it's kind of a less impressive experience than expected. maybe i'm minigamed-out, need a little more substance.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

I hear the weather down there is stupendous today!
I'm sure you feel great flying into that crap.
Perfect flying weather for B's first flight.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Skidding stops in airplanes RULE.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

the weather was so good, my flight (and subsequently the whole trip) was canceled. hawesome!

Anonymous Artie Says:

What did Renee think of the game?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

she also thought it was dumb that she had to wait for me to beat the single player portion before we could fire up multiplayer... but she enjoys watching me play the hula hoop minigame.

Blogger Bragg Says:

she's not the only one... *wink wink


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