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neurological dryer lint

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youth is the engine of the world

renee and i enjoyed one of the cooler gifts we got - the pasta maker attachment to our insanely powerful new mixer - yesterday. i did a 75% homemade pan of lasagna - made the noodles and sauce, but not the cheese - turned out surprisingly good.

the mixer itself is pretty sweet. thing'll take your hand off if you're not careful. we also have meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachments - and i picked up the casings (read: intestines) to do some homemade sausage yesterday from bridgetown finer meats. i'm quite excited about this particular experiment, although it has a much higher potential to hurt my digestive system if it fails than pasta.

enjoyed a few days in indiana, some time with my family and with hers. the 'two renees' dilemma on my side was bizarrely duplicated on her side - she has a cousin named justin. her family had much less trouble with the concept than mine. go figure.

we spent a night out in kentucky and enjoyed a restaurant called the feed mill. their specialty was fried gator tail. it was pretty tasty, actually, and i ended up with a bottle of their cajun garlic sauce that improved the taste of nearly everything i ate there - baked beans, catfish, fries, renee's pulled pork, and the aforementioned gator. i'd link to their website, but as they are a restaurant in kentucky called the feed mill, well, that should explain itself.

so no more wii games yet. nothing really looks compelling enough to spend my money on. i'm near the end of portrait of ruin and i'm keeping the vibe alive with super castlevania 4 on the wii virtual console... a true classic.

oh! i'm excited to report: i've found the feed mill's website. man. everyone's on this intertube thing nowadays.

so, lastly. i think i am planning a trip up to the rock & roll hall of fame on the weekend of january 26-27. their warped tour exhibit is opening and bad religion and the bouncing souls are playing the opening night show on the 26th. it appears that tix are still available. if anyone desires to venture to the mistake on the lake for a night of great music and the following day of hanging out at the museum.


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Blogger ryanham Says:

Everyone's on the intertron...sadly not all of them learned how to appropriately DESIGN A WEBSITE.

Holy crap, bright yellow should never be a background. I can still read that page and I stopped looking at it 10 minutes ago.

Huzzah Burn In!

Anonymous Artie Says:

It's also always a good idea to hire a food photographer instead of just shooting the food yourself. Case in point:

Of course, it is in Kentucky and called the feed mill. Should be glad they have electricity let alone a website.


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