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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the very next day

so for the second time in a week, i woke up to the wii glowing blue at me. the forecast channel was the package earlier in the week, and today it was the opera web browser.

the weather item is pretty handy, nothing super fancy - although the wii's version of madden apparently uses live weather data while you're playing. the web browser, on the other hand, is weak. it's slow, the interface isn't well designed (there's no address bar and a useless progress bar), and i managed to lock it up within a few minutes of use just by browsing bloglines. not that i really care much to browse the web from my TV. plus it's opera. ugh.

the voyager marathon that's been on all week has reminded me how substandard this series was. the plots were derivative, and the cast feels like they're cramming the cheese-laden dialogue into each hour as fast as they can. it's not quite Lucasian, but it's close. so why am i still watching episode after episode?

i've got a week off from work, and we'll be in indiana for much of it... so merry christmas and happy holidays to all y'all.


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Blogger Bragg Says:

I really enjoyed PA's comic strip about the Wii's weather channel. That was pure genius.

Have a merry christmas brother.


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