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hey, a post where i don't talk about the wii. savor it.

it's been a few weeks since the fall break in lost and it seems that i'm not missing it at all. while i haven't gotten to the point of many fans that have broken up with the show, per se, i was certainly underwhelmed by the beginning of the season.

what i'm most frustrated by is that ABC pulled out this terrible fall finale junk, and instead of having a steady drip of new episodes all year (besides the summer), pretty soon the trend will be to pause every series in the middle of the action. the networks will use it as an excuse to lost-ify everything - bleed out tiny pieces of plot and story, small tidbits enough to get the fans drooling, but nowhere near enough to satisfy. it's cruel, IMHO.

i'll tell you what i do love - nfl replay on the NFL network. games i normally wouldn't bother with are now worth watching. the useless commentary, between-play banter, penalties, timeouts, etc. have been excised, and after-game interviews with players and coaches are strung throughout during hot plays. tasty. i wish they'd do more nfl films presents type stuff on the network, too.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

You know why you're not missing Lost? Because that show is sh**.
I've been telling you people that for years, now you're all finally coming around.
Friggin' slow people.

Anonymous Artie Says:

How could you not love the fall season? I dig the idea of breaking the show up. They did that last year with Battlestar and it makes it much better to always know you're going to have fresh stuff. Plus, Daybreak is only about half as bad as I expected it to be.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i haven't had 'fresh stuff' from Lost for a few weeks, so that doesn't appear to be working. start out with six weeks of (at best) so-so content and then ask us to wait a few months? i'm not sure they'll be returning to a throng of adoring fans.

Anonymous Artie Says:

Yeah, they probably should have pulled a 24 and just had all the episodes run back to back in January.


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