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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


not afraid to paint my sky


eight hours in the car was easily worth it for AIC's two hour set. they didn't waste any time, tearing through several songs (including a heart-wrenching nutshell, probably my favorite song of all time), switching it up to an acoustic portion, and then coming back for a few more, all in all hitting a few dozen hits and deep tracks from all of their albums. it was simply incredible.


sean kinney looked intense, jerry cantrell looked tired but satisfied, mike inez looked ecstatic, like a kid in a candy store. you could tell these guys were so happy to be playing music together again. and william duvall was a more-than-adequate fill in for fallen frontman layne staley. it was strange hearing layne's voice coming from a dude that looked like mos def dressed up like hendrix. but the guy's a rockstar, effortlessly gliding through every track, pulling off we die young as easily as brother or grind.



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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Haha, I was actually going to use that exact same title for my post about the show. No joke.

Can you send me your pictures from the show?

(Apparently the fact that I'm using the Google-Blogger beta prohibits me from logging in and commenting on your blog)


Blogger Justin Hall Says:

they're up here


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