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GO VOTE! PLEASE!!!%!$@^?!

this week is shaping up to be extraordinary... lots of GH2 love for the next two days... thanks to davie and dougie, who ended up with a spare ticket, i'm off to cleveland on thursday to see alice in chains... and then work crew at the east side fall weekend.

tony is picking up gears of war today also, and is more excited about it than i've seen him be about anything in a while. graphically it looks impressive, and while the single player action may get repetitive quickly, it seems that multiplayer on Live will become a phenomenon. i would bet that in a year it tops halo 2 as the most played game on Live.

if you have a spare hour and a half, the HBO documentary hacking democracy, about the flaws of computerized voting machines, is up on google video just in time to make you wonder if your vote today will actually count.



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Blogger B-Call Says:

duh dude. everyone knows your vote don't mean crap unless you've got the $$$ to back it up.

Anonymous Renee Says:


call me if you're heading up this way. how long you staying?

Blogger MikeE Says:

I had a big scan-a-tron like voting ballot, no electronics until I ran it through the machine.

Blogger Bragg Says:

I have a big scan-a-tron ballot...I ran it through your machine.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Scannin Tron? - Misspelling provided by Mr. Berne.


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