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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


the structure of lies

the daily show is camped out at OSU this week doing a special series called "battlefield ohio". i haven't paid a lot of attention to the major news outlets' coverage of the midterms - nearly all have become tools of the respective partisan marketing machines and are now useless to me. at least with TDS i can laugh along with their bias.

things have gotten rather ridiculous - the GOP is pulling out all the stops in their media blitz of the area... i've gotten no less than fifteen pieces of mail, three windshield postcards and four at-home phone calls in the past week urging me to vote against the evil democrats and their vicious plan to murder children, take our money, and party with the terrorists. even more stunning is the silence from the other side, the complete lack of a cohesive story. both sides on the defensive, neither talking about what good they will do - only what terrible things their opponent will do.

there's really no sense in expecting that the caustic campaign climate will change anytime soon. i keep hoping this is the year that the backlash will erupt... or at least that i won't be the only one telling those pollsters on the phone how much i despise their campaign tactics.

for crying out loud - they're calling john cranley a murderer. renee and i saw a billboard driving around the other night basically saying that he pulled the trigger in 400 area killings in recent history because he didn't do enough to stop them. that's absolutely sick and they should sue the chabot campaign for slander/libel. it's disgusting.

compromise. conformity. assimilation. submission. ignorance. hypocrisy. brutality. the elite. all of which are american dreams.


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Blogger dougie Says:

The lie is my expense
The scope of my desire
The party blessed me with its future
And I protect it with fire

Blogger B-Call Says:

Cranley might not have killed all those people, but I do know who killed my dad... Steve Chabot!

Blogger Nickolini Says:

Don't vote for Justin Hall. He rapes kittens.

Blogger Bragg Says:

That's precisely the reason I'm voting for Justin W. Hall.

Kitten abuse and he'll get sh*t done.

Anonymous nathan Says:

On the bright side, no one is dying, there are not 80,000 protestors rioting, no miners are throwing lit dynamite in the air, and we do have choice as to who we vote for. For as tiresome our political system is getting, it could be alot worse. (Oh yeah, these things happened in Bolivia a few years back.)

Blogger MikeE Says:

Someone tazed 7 years old ... I saw an ad about it.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

nate: very true. we have a (mostly) working democracy. i guess i envision it looking like more than a polarized spitball fight in the country that's supposed to be the bastion of freedom... i envision a healthy, intelligent debate that forms the basis of a pluralistic society. and that instead of picking the lesser of two evils, we have inspiring candidates that are open and honest about their values and their goals.

that said, knowing that some countries vote under the threat of bullet wounds is one of the things that encourages me to be as involved and educated as i can. we should be grateful for the opportunity to participate in the process.


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