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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


shipping out to boston

have you heard that track u and dat? do they really say "tryin' to get with youuuuu and that monkey"? is that what DJ's are playing in the club now? amazing. i must be really old.

those crazy russians... allofmp3 has been in a near-constant catfight with the governments and various recording industry slave-drivers of the world for a long time and have managed to come out unscathed, besides recently getting dropped by VISA. so now they've basically put 'em on the glass and said "how's that grab you?" to the industry by allowing you to easily stream full albums from their site for free (at reduced-but-not-by-much audio quality) using a flash player. i messed with it a bit yesterday - and i can say for certain that it will induce collective apoplexy in the RIAA's offices. it's blatant. and fabulous. and i'm not sure international law can shut it down. although i wouldn't be surprised if the RIAA hired some blackhat script kiddies to DoS the crap out of them out of pure frustration.

speaking of bloated media conglomerates: sony may have found a way to sell me their arm-and-a-leg-priced PS3. i'm not interested in blu-ray, there are maybe two exclusive titles that look worth playing (MGS4 and resistence), and i have another innovative console on the way. but streaming movies to my PSP from anywhere - using the locationfree technology that i've been eyeing - that gets me interested.


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If you buy a PS3, well...you're dead to me.

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