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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


trying to seal itself shut

the wii preorder wasn't as easy as i expected. the hardcore dudes showed up at 4am, apparently, and wisely so - the store by my house only had eight preorders available, and those spots were far, far gone by the time i rolled up there ten minutes before opening.

there's another store down on glenway. i made it there about three minutes before it opened, but the situation was the same - seven spots, a dozen people in line. i had pretty much resigned to failure... a few people in line called around to other stores, though, and rumors buzzed that the colerain store, across from northgate mall, had twenty slots and no line. glory be! could i beat all the other suckers in line over there?

i'll confess, i'm not sure if there was more than a minute or two stretch where i did under 65. i landed at 10:20 - they had two reservations left.


one other story from the day: so i'm in my allergist's office, and i'm wearing a nine inch nails shirt, and dr. niemes (who is in his seventies) says "you're a fan of them, huh? trent reznor is a genius." my jaw drops, i kind of nod, and he says "yeah, i like broken, but i'm more of a fan of their remix albums like further down the spiral." dang, my allergist is gangsta!


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Anonymous Quentin Says:

My brother rolled into a GameStop at 9am, an hour before they opened, and got his pre-order in. I'm personally placing my faith in the hands of Nintendo. I believe that yes, the first week or two will be sold out, but there will be many, many more available in the early weeks of release. I'll be grabbing one of those and laughing my ass off at anyone who pays more then $250 on eBay or somesuch.

Anonymous Artie Says:

Way to be committed! So did you need to preorder games, or are you good to go? If so, when can I come over to play?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

That's awesome, and almost enough to make me want to change allergy doctors.

Blogger B-Call Says:

so, does about 10am on Sunday, November 19th at your house sound ok?
you know i'm skipping church that day to be at your place all day.

Blogger dougie Says:

yeah you find reznor fans in crazy places. I was having lunch at the Wesley House across from campus one day when Jeanne, the ordained methodist minister who runs the house, asked me if I was into NIN. I told her I was and then she went into a rant about the talent and musical genius of reznor. I wonder if Trent Reznor is a methodist?


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