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take you where you want to go

anyone who thinks that chicago is a super-bowl caliber team must be ridiculously embarrassed right now by the man-beating matt "tony hudson" leinart and the cards are giving them. 8:00 left in the 2nd and arizona's picked rex grossman twice and just picked up another turnover.

as terrible as my health is right now, i can't help but loving hanging out at anthony's - the food and atmosphere really make up for the pain of being around that much smoke for that long.

speaking of smoke: so i saw an ad for issue 4, the tobacco-company-backed bill that misleadingly claims to be a "sensible" smoking ban that actually changes little for the better, only tacking on a couple of no-smoking venues, and tries to add a provision to "prohibit the future adoption of any ordinance or local law to the extent such ordinance or law prohibited smoking or tobacco products in anyplace exempted by the amendment". the ad comes across like unicorns and rainbows and all happy and crap - enough that at first i was confused about it and issue 5, the real smoking ban.

candidate-wise, you gotta vote for whoever shares your values and ideas... but i have to plead with you ohioans to go yes on issue 5. does that mean places like anthony's get shut down? maybe. that would suck, although it's a tobacco shop, maybe it stays. seems that it's worth it, for our own sake, for our kids's sakes.

i don't often hit up google looking for other human beings, unless i get nostalgic. tonight i was thinking back to wednesday nights at eric's in high school - artie, murph, ian, tim dake, jason bennett, oliver, b-mack, jeremy, e dunn, darren, and everyone else who used to show up occasionally. i keep comparing the studies i join to that crew and it's weird to think that i'm old now and that i'll never have that dynamic again.

anyway. found a handful of blogs from people i knew in high school - dudes i knew from X, from winton woods, a few girls from mcauley that were friends with an ex, and some contact info for old friends i haven't seen in years - and i guess i got bummed that i've lost touch with so many people, and it felt sadly cliche that i'm now that guy. i took a lot of those dudes for granted and never followed up. i know renee's felt that way about a lot of her old high school friends too. guess we're at the point where it's too late to try to reconnect with them, awkwardness and all.

we'd even talked about relocating a few times - i'm sure i'd suck even more at keeping up with people if that happened. it's tragic.


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Blogger Nickolini Says:

It ain't over until the fat Ditka sings. AZ really blew that one.

Blogger Karen Says:

HOLY CRAP! It's Justin!!

What crazy timing that i posted that picture from HS and there you were! WOW!

How's your life?? obviously i can read all about it here... how about the cliff notes?

email me: keutsler@mtci.com

Blogger Bragg Says:

oh god, you're that crazy blog stalker.

...more about this relocation idea?

Blogger ryanham Says:

Yeah, relocating is hard. Trust me.

But, sometimes, it's worth it, especially when I can look outside and see Snow on the mountains just north of here already, and know that the Awesome rocky mountain Ski Season is upon us shortly.

There's lots of friends that I wish I had around here so we could go do stuff, and it's hard keeping in contact with life being so busy, but I try.

Blogger B-Call Says:

hope you didn't go to bed too early last night.
dude, that comment from your stalker has to be the freakiest thing you could get.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

easy, trigger - she's not a stalker - i posted a comment on her site first.

ha, you ex-onenet people remember big paul troescher? his email address was "stalker@one.net" and he always wondered why women would get freaked out when he told them his address...

anyway - renee and i floated the idea of san francisco a while back when we went out there on vacation, we both loved the city and the climate. but there's a lot still tying the both of us here. so don't think it'll happen anytime soon.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

Jaylene loves San Francisco, but it is one of the most expensive cities in the US to live in. Basically anywhere in California it is difficult to own a home. My grandmother lives in San Lorenzo, which is across the San Mateo Bridge from SF. Not a great neighborhood really, but her 1100 square foot house (one bath, 3 bedrooms, all tiny, single car garage), goes for at least $500,000. I don't know, just does not seem worth it.

Blogger B-Call Says:

but if you're making J-dub money, then its all good!
by the way, anybody see the new Jay Z video last night at halftime of the football game?
i was kind of disappointed.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

hey this anonymous sucks just as much as the other one.

yeah that new jay track is weak. hope the rest of the new disc doesn't sound that tired... there were like three good tracks on black album. in fact besides unplugged he hasn't made a quality disc since 2001. he needs to toss just blaze - the guy only knows how to make one song.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Mr. Self-Destruct!


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