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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


showed me the gong

maybe it was the gyro, or the sorta-lame new aqua teen episode from last night, but i had another excellent, tripped-out dream, one that didn't leave me freaked out.

i spent the first part on a motorcycle driving up the california coast with a couple of senior citizens on vespas. they kept falling over and getting tangled up in their bikes. we got up to the top of a plateau, and pulled up in front of my grandparents' house.

then i was inside, crouched behind an old bed with a nerf gun, playing nerf wars. with robert plant and jimmy page. page was a midget for some reason. and i could tell when plant was about to come into the room and shoot me because he kept screaming.

maybe this was my subconscious, communicating fear about my first paintball game ever this friday. i'm actually mega hyped - i'm playing with guys from work - and more uncertain that i'll be able to operate the equipment than scared about anything. i've always wanted to try it. any suggestions for a n00b?


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Blogger B-Call Says:

you can wear my Superman costume. I won't be using it anymore.

Anonymous Nathan Says:

Don't get hit.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

dude, your superman costume had those weird stains around the crotch area. i ain't wearin that. plus i'd bust through that thing like the hulk.

Blogger The Barber Says:

Get a nutty buddy!

Anonymous Artie Says:

My advice: get "sick", stay home and order a pizza. And stay away from Superman costumes. Bad things happen.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Here's some advice: Don't be a camper. Everyone hates a camper.

Grab yourself a deagle and waste them mothers.

Oh, and wear thick clothes..paintballs sting.


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