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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


i'll be your distraction


yep, renee and i went blue man for halloween. easy, cheap and effective. unless you're me and you sweat the blue off every hour or so and have to reapply.

so the bengals definitely deserved to lose today. we should lose every game until we fix the offensive line. our d collapsed in the second half - but that's normal, the defense is always inconsistent. even turnovers, one of our only consistent elements last year, have vanished. could have used some of that voracity this afternoon. but that's far less of an issue than the o-line: the loss of braham has been devastating and you can see it in carson's more than occasional over/underthrow (something very out of character for him) as he is rushed far more often. ghiaciuc just isn't cutting it. doesn't seem like they're doing much about it, though.

been playing through castlevania: dawn of sorrow. it's more metroid than old-school castlevania - experience points, stores where you can buy weapons and upgrade them, etc. it's a beautiful addition and adds an exploration element that is at the same time exciting and frustrating. like now, when i'm stuck, and i've been in every room on the map a dozen times and i'm not sure what to do next.

this is often the point where i lay it aside and say screw it, life's too short to waste time on tracking down some obscure switch or room, a solution totally not worth the effort put in finding it. i'm not there yet with DoS but it's not far off. eight days, specifically, til GH2 comes out.


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