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guitar hero 2 isn't simply a second soundtrack added onto the first one... there are plenty of feature improvements that i didn't expect. they've replaced the standard five-song sets with four, and after you play through your third one in a set, the audience cheers you back to the stage to play through the 'surprise' extra song. they've also made hammer-ons quite a bit easier (i.e. i can actually pull them off now). the most significant upgrade is co-op mode, where you can choose lead or rhythm on some songs, and guitar or bass on others. i'm not sure if there's a bass-only mode in the single player career - it'd add an interesting spin.

i find myself a lot more polarized on the track list than i was with the first one... i was only crazy about two or three songs there, but the sequel has about a dozen that i love - killing in the name, them bones, sweet child o' mine, carry on wayward son, strutter; and some that i wouldn't have expected to love - like war pigs or cherry pie. appropriately enough, there are also a lot more that i can't stand - psychobilly freakout, tattooed love boys, and crazy on you, to name a few.

they really need to do something about the dude that sings on the tracks, though. i almost chucked during their rendition of heart shaped box - were i at that show i would have started throwing bottles.

the one minor gripe aside, if you own a PS2 and even remotely enjoy rock music, you owe it to yourself to pick this up and enjoy quite possibly the most purely entertaining video game released in the last ten years. one romp through sweet child and you'll be hooked.


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Blogger Simon Says:

How about picking sections of the song to practice? Does it let you do that? I know one thing I wished GH1 had was the ability to fast forward to a part of the song where you're having trouble and practice it over and over until you get it right.

Blogger ryanham Says:

I keep telling Jeri that I'm buying a used PS2 JUST to play guitar hero 1 and 2.

For some reason she still doesn't believe me.

I've haven't felt so hyped about a video game on a console since the first time I played Super Mario Twins on my Super 88 system that I got at Chunky's for 2 dollares.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

simon: completely forgot about that feature. yep, you can go practice any section of any song you've unlocked and slow it down to one of four speed settings.

Blogger Simon Says:

Sweet! I'm all over that! That was the biggest problem with the first one.

Blogger B-Call Says:

grow a pair and just go get one. that's the only way that she'll learn the lesson.

Anonymous sYst3m Says:

psychobilly freakout is one of the greatest songs ever... EVER!!!

Anonymous Artie Says:

When's that Wii coming out?


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