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a fire in the attic

after battling an outbreak at work for the beginning of the week i welcomed some downtime. tedious tasks like a long drive or emptying the dishwasher were more delightful - because doing them meant i wasn't on a conference call. indiana was great, and i brought down the wii cause i thought i'd have friday (a day of shopping for renee and her family) to tear through zelda for a while. wii sports ended up being a favorite of her whole family, though - proving nintendo's theory correct, that people who normally wouldn't play videogames will love the wii. all five of the games got airtime, including a few hilarious rounds of boxing between her parents.

twenty hours into zelda and i'm in complete agreement with the perfect ratings it's getting. my earlier gripes were the ravings of an impatient fan - as the map has expanded and i've gotten more items and skills, it's become clear that this could be the finest console title i've ever played, and that a second trip through in the future will have me appreciating every well-constructed moment of gameplay. although it doesn't quite have the 'epic' feel of, say, a final fantasy, it's still huge, and you never really feel bored or without a sense of the urgency of the storyline.

i don't have much to say about casino royale unfortunately. i was still a little on the fence after adrian and i saw it yesterday, and i've sort of concluded that it didn't do much for me. while the script was much sharper and more potent than before, it was a little dulled by the heavy accents of the cast - i felt like i missed half of the movie's dialogue. daniel craig is a quiet, devil-may-care 007, looking like he's forcing himself to be interested the whole time. he's fairly able on the action / fighting / shootout side, but barely funny and certainly not the ladies' man in this episode. i actually kind of missed brosnan's lame one-liners.

i anticipate the next flick will improve quite a bit and craig will settle into the role with more comfort. worth seeing once if you're a bond fan.


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Blogger Bragg Says:

are you kidding me? craig was fantastic. though the dialog was difficult at times, the character is played perfectly as to what Bond was originally written as-a man who has to decide between making decisions based up on the emotional side vs. a man who makes decisions based on his ego.

and i'm glad there aren't those campy one liners and the catchy toys are pretty well gone. it makes for a cleaner movie that is more accessible to the viewers. Though i will always want an omega watch, having to suspend disbelief for a missile launch was just getting annoying.

however, we're both in agreement about the upcoming movies being amazingly better. i can't wait for them.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

agreed on the gadgets - strange that i would grow to loathe them in bond flicks - what i love is the no-nonsense spy stuff. connery kills a dude by dropping a lamp into a bathtub in goldfinger. brosnan steals a tank and chases orumov through a city in goldeneye. last night, i watched die another day's scene where brosnan knocks out the rich guy, puts him in a wheelchair, and uses him to gain entry to the DNA-altering spa place.

that's what i missed - more of that. bond using SMS messages to locate a terrorist and winning a hold 'em tournament just didn't seem like bond, it seemed like Ian Fleming's World Series of Poker.

i did enjoy the, er, interrogation scene - i thought craig played that one very well, even though it was one of the hardest five minutes of film i've ever had to watch.

Blogger dougie Says:

Yeah I thought the poker seen(s) was a little over the top too. A couple of minutes would have been fine but they made it into the focal point of the plot. But overall, I'd say it's the best Bond movie since Goldeneye, no question.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Please remember that this is a remake, and also note that this is really before Bond had "congealed" as an agent, prior to his double O rating...he's not a comfortable suave chap just yet...he'll get there.

What I hope is they don't just keep remaking old movies over and over again.

Blogger Simon Says:

The title of your post is all wrong...It's either "A fire in the sky" or "A light in the attic"

Get it right or pay the price!

Anonymous Renee Says:

I liked the movie. Craig was really good. I think he played it well as why he became a 00. This is probably the movie closest to the book other than changing baccharet to poker, which is the central part of the book.

Anonymous Artie Says:

My only fear about the Wii is that you'll end up looking like a complete goon jumping around to play it. Like those DDR kids.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i believe i lost that particular battle during guitar hero :)

Blogger B-Call Says:

Actually, Simon, the book was called "Indian in the Cupboard".
you get it right.


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