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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


when you're out of fuel

zzzzzzzz... im beat... still worn out from fall weekend, was gonna go to bed early last night but got stuck doing work til silly late.... argh.

six days til the wii. gonna make red steel my other release title i think. SIX DAYS. good gravy.

see casino royale on friday, if for no other reason than chris cornell is doing the theme song. the video is kinda dumb.

speaking of, chris' next solo disc drops next march, he's doing a cover of billie jean. yeah, the michael jackson billie jean.

heard three tracks off the new jay-z disc, they sound terrible. if you want a mainstream hip hop fix go grab the game's new one or nas' new one instead. speaking of, the game's 12-minute remix of it's okay (one blood), with 23 (count 'em) guest artists, is absolutely sick.

zune's coming soon. seems to be one of the most dysfunctional product launches of its type in a while… understand this: microsoft's media player hardware won't work with the MSN music store… isn't a PlaysForSure device… and you can't manage it with windows media player. tell me how that makes sense.

ugh, did you see that castlevania movie poster? its gonna be a disgrace. sad. then there's the long-delayed simpsons movie, the trailer finally dropped last night… not sure what to think about it...

and finally, http://shadowdane.shackspace.com/cats.htm. INVISIBLE SANDWICH


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Blogger Simon Says:

That Simpson's trailer pissed me off. They hyped that up for months, and they give me that! I say screw you Matt Groening!

Blogger ryanham Says:

I have una pregunta, Mr. Page Owner:

How can you tell how crappy a movie is going to be from the poster? What did you expect? An 8 bit graphic on the front that looks just like the old box covers? That would actually make me not want to see the movie.

P.S.: haven't see the simpson's trailer just yet, I'll check it out at home tonight.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

good point: i was thinking the movie would suck because the director, paul anderson, took a huge crap on mortal kombat, alien vs. predator, and resident evil. they all sucked.

you can infer one thing from the poster: dracula begins? wow, pinnacle of originality.

Blogger B-Call Says:

i was pissed after watching the Simpson's trailer last night. made me want to punch my wife.
wait, that's every night.

Blogger The Barber Says:

I'm still going to see the movie, with or without a garbage director. I figure this movie will ruin the Simpsons for me for life so I won't waste anymore money on every season. I'll also have an additional free half-hour on Sunday Nights. Win-Win in my mind.

Anonymous Artie Says:

Even the typography is uninspiring. You'd think with something with as much source as Castlevania, they'd have something cool. Has it been cast yet?


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