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dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


burning down neverland

so i've got lazyrev back up again, this time on wordpress. my hope for the site was to get a little deeper, a little more regularly... to leave the geek stuff here, and the links on the wack. i know i'm free to post whatever i want whereever, but it helps keep the mental balance of priorities in my head. yeah.

i didn't say much about children of men, which we saw over the weekend. honestly there isn't much to say. it was good, tense, well-cast, well-conceived and executed. worth seeing, but i don't have much of a reason to rewatch it. there wasn't much beyond the surface.

anberlin is at it again - their new disc drops end of next month, and two songs from the disc are up on itunes. they're both great. these guys continue to ripen, consistently dropping quality material.

ahh, the iphone. this is the holy grail for most apple geeks, and a very compelling device for everyone else. the interface is the most interesting thing about it to me... beyond that, the ridiculous price point ($500 for the 4GB, $600 for the 8GB with a two year Cingular contract) puts it out of reach for a lot of the drooling crowd. and no one's talking about the battery life - apple says 5 hours of video, 16 hours of music, and they leave it at that... but with a display that active, and wifi or bluetooth on, i can't see how a single charge will last a day (if that). it's not quite a swing and a miss... i guess if apple can talk us into thinking $300 is necessary to have a quality portable music player, then maybe they can sell us a $600 phone (likely $900 without a contract).


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Blogger Bragg Says:

Treo convinced the masses to drop the cheddar on a device that combines all the things we use to organize ourselves. And those things are ginormous. Granted, they don't have an integrated 4GB...

But I struggle to consider this device when the Dash is getting good reviews.

When will this PDA/phone/mp3/camera/coffee maker craze come to an end? I see these things consistently doing those things well enough, but not so much that I would replace my actual PDA/phone/mp3/camera/coffee maker.

Oh well, I guess Ill just join the ranks of Mike and gripe some more about being old and out of touch with you young kids and your techno-ology machines. In my day, we purchased a magazine...

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

in our industry, at least, the company pays for the treo to make sure management and senior people are never out of touch. given the option, i don't think there are many that would own treos and the like were they not subsidized. i suspect it's the same for other industries.

and with this phone being aimed pretty heavily at the end-consumer (plus the lock that palm and blackberry have on the market), i doubt many businesses will go for it. so it ends up being a toy for the rich, and the rest of us just sit and sigh.

personally i'm with you - i don't want consolidation. this device would (mostly) replace my psp, ipod and phone. but i have no problem carrying multiple devices around - i own a bag, and my pants have pockets. cumulatively i have about 90 hours of battery life among the three gadgets. they do their jobs well.

can you imagine how fast that iphone screen is gonna get scratched?

Blogger B-Call Says:

I've already scratched mine. And I don't even have the thing yet. I can't wait to see these things up on ebay.
It look fantabulous, but I won't know anybody with one.
And when I do find someone with it, I'm going to kick'em. Just like I do with people who purchased a PS3.

Blogger Bragg Says:

wow, that's a good feature. sure, I'll drop $600 on this thing so that I can't do anything with it. ever. I like throwing my money at things that I have no possible control over...

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

seems like they are pricing this out of mass adoption. Hopefully v2 and v3 will be cheaper, and will be more flexible on pricing and services that can be used.

given how terrible the wireless companies are in the states compared to the rest of the world, there has to be some changes here first before there is wide adoption. unlocked phones really are the way to go.

as a piece of technology, it looks really cool. i have geek lust.

Blogger MikeE Says:

dang kids and their gadgets ... *grumble* *grumble* dang kids on my lawn ... *grumble* *grumble*

Anonymous Artie Says:

Take all this with a grain of salt because I own a Mac, and am slowly becoming an Apple junky.

I think it's a good move for Apple. When they released the iPod, everyone else was in a race to the bottom to release the cheapest mp3 device. The iPod came along and was way more expensive than everything else, but had a great interface, was easy to use and was tied to the iTunes store. Success. Nokia and all them are currently in a race to the bottom. The interfaces suck. It's nearly impossible to sinc all your data. The carriers turn off all the interesting features. The last innovative thing I've seen in a cell phone is that they can make them really slim. I know no one who actually likes their phone, we all just put up with them. The iPhone is light years in the right direction. Sure it's really expensive and I'd have to switch to Cingular, but I'm excited to see what the version two is like and I'm really excited to see what the Nokias of the world do now that there's actually someone competing with them. BTW, I think the cost is more palatable (sp?) once you consider it's really a computer in your pocket. Plus, if you had to have a Treo or Blackberry, wouldn't you rather have an iPhone? I think that's where they're targeting this initial launch of the product.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

man. am i seriously the only person in America who doesn't hate their cell phone's interface? motorola didn't create a work of art with the razr's menu - it looks like windows 3.1 - but i have no problems navigating it or knowing where stuff is, and i was comfortable with it after about two minutes of using it.


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