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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


can't find a heartbeat

man. poor marvin. looks like someone ran over his puppy. and then set it on fire.

honestly, the coaching staff is just as much to blame, with their poor clock management and foolish, crazy play calling, as the players who aren't doing their jobs. carson said it best - they are "an average football team". granted he also said "a not very good football team" in the same press conference, but i'm not sure i agree with that. they're like a fleet of ferraris going down the highway at 25mph... capable of incredible things, but they aren't being driven to their full potential.

unless, of course, they're down by one touchdown and there's five minutes left. notice how they have no problem getting it together then? the rest of the game, they're asleep. and yesterday was no exception - the only reason we ended up coming down to graham's shank was because we were lucky - mistakes by pittsburgh got us where we were, not our own skill.

they could have been 11-5, should have been 10-6. the 'bungles' name really starts to look appropriate for an 8-8 team that screwed themselves out of the playoffs. what a disappointment. so maybe if they ditch tory james, draft some more DB's, get the offensive line to work out the entire offseason... whatever. probably not.


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