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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


a flag flying for losers

well it turns out going cheap on new PC components means that my dream of actually being able to run new PC games had to fizzle out a bit. specifically, the bioshock demo runs like garbage. scaled down to 800x600 with the detail set to low/medium, it still only runs at around 10-12fps. supremely disappointing.

oh well. i didn't want the drm anyway.

i mentioned a while ago that i was set on a PS3 as my next console - considering i get maybe four good games out of the Wii a year, and nintendo is on track to drop that number considerably in favor of selling to the alpha moms. there are close to a dozen PS3 titles i'm interested in... but the 360 is starting to sound more appealing, too - mass effect, halo 3, and super sf2 turbo hd remix, on top of bioshock... and knowing a few people that play on live... and far cheaper than a PS3... something to think about.

oktoberfest tonight at germania, fools...


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Blogger ryanham Says:

updatez, Bioshock is kinda choppy but runs okay on my system. Maybe you just need more RAM.

Blogger Davie Says:

Bioshock runs pretty poorly on my system, too. That said, I wasn't exactly blown away by the demo either. Oh well, as long as I can play the Half-Life 2 Ep.2/Team Fortress 2/Portal package coming out in the fall.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

heck yes, i am silly excited that i'll be able to finally do HL2 on the PC and portal looks ridiculous... TF2, i don't know, i never got into TFC a whole lot, but i dig the celshaded graphics...


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