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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


meander to the horizon

so bioshock is really, really, really good. at least from the fifteen minute demo i played on tony's 360. it's engrossing, creepy, funny, and visually stunning. if you have a 360, you owe it to yourself to grab the demo.

and the good news is i may actually have a PC that will be able to run it come next week. my core 2 duo E4400 + new motherboard + geforce 7100 256MB card will be arriving soon, to replace my dying athlon + geforce2 64MB card. it's time for a long overdue reinstall of windows, too.

although i imagine much of next week will be eaten up by metroid prime 3. and super metroid on the VC. delicious.


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