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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


this doomsday clock ticking in my heart

all day i've been listening to a beautiful acoustic/bass remix of the original castlevania theme that i grabbed from ocremix called vampire spanker. kind of shocking to find a game remix that's not electronica or metal, actually...

i don't rave about ocremix enough. there's piles of great tracks on this site, from castlevania (as well as III and IV), megaman 2 and 3, metroid, metroid prime, street fighter 2... most of them are quality and all are free / donationware...

hey, look, john from cincinnati is toast. good riddance - i gave up after about four episodes of this train wreck, choked by its pretentious confusion dolled-up as mystery. i checked out the finale to see if the creators ever made whatever point they were trying to make. turns out, no, it was utter nonsense. i can't think of one scrap of value i salvaged from my time with this series.

well, there is one - i got to see mark paul gosselar of saved by the bell fame go down with another flaming wreckage... that's always satisfying.


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Blogger Larry "Liontamer" Oji Says:

"kind of shocking to find a game remix that's not electronica or metal, actually..."

Despite the skew, I think on the whole we're doing pretty good as far as representing other genres at OCR. Except reggae and country. No one's bit on those so far.

Looking at your game recommendations, it seems like you might be missing out on a lot of creative tracks that are outside of the ultra-popular franchises. Back when I first discovered the site in 2002, I used to search that way.

In case you don't already, you should listen to our radio webstream, Ormgas.com, in order to conveniently sample tracks that you may not have otherwise tried on your own. Or you can grab the first 1600 mixes via our torrents on the main page.

I hope you keep checking us out for more new stuff as it comes out. Thanks for the the mention, Justin!

Larry "Liontamer" Oji
Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

larry - good call, i will definitely fire up that stream and see what other stuff is there - i do tend to only check out remixes from games that are significant to me, like the ones i listed, and i'm sure there's a bunch of stuff i'm missing out on. thanks for the note - and thanks for running the site, it's excellent!


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