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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


take a chance on rock & roll

the derby on friday night was appropriately, er, i guess hilljack is the most proper descriptor. i felt right at home among the throngs (there were definitely throngs) of screaming butler county residents, shaking my fist at sandbaggers, and enjoying the technical creativity and raw, utterly destructive nature of humanity manifest. i also ate a fried snickers' bar.

(by the way - the butler county fair has a website, and they have a get firefox button, how strangely geek of them)

the simpsons movie was very, very funny, and very random, almost felt like futurama instead of the simpsons. funny, yes... satisfying? i'm still not sure. about as much as a movie based on a half-hour comedy cartoon can be. there isn't much that show hasn't done yet.

picked up planet puzzle league in the continuing search for a pick-up-and-play tetris replacement, and i think this one might fit the bill. the staggering number of gameplay modes/options available really complement what is at the core a very simple puzzle game of moving around blocks to match colors. once again i curse nintendo for not giving the DS WPA2 capability as i would LOVE to play this one online.

i also passed my GIAC Certified Incident Handler's exam. about two of you get what that means. i just wanted you to know how difficult it was.


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Anonymous sYst3m Says:

woot. nice work on the giac exam... is the cissp next?

for passing the test, you should buy yourself a "Bang'em In The Rear" shirt from that derbygarage site.

Blogger MikeE Says:

cissp is pretty easy from what I've heard ... couple guys from Comair got them.

I've given up on getting certs ... I've let them all expire. Guess I'm getting lazy and complacent.

Oh well .. congrats mang!.

PS. How'd that wireless seminar go?

Blogger ryanham Says:

Since I actually went to the wireless class (not a seminar, but actually a learning session), I thought I'd be able to comment on that.

It was good, and now I have a test to take. Word.

Blogger ryanham Says:

P.S. Justin, you've always been certified to handle my incidents.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:


Blogger Bragg Says:


I don't really even remember that picture. It's a keeper though.

So what does that have to do with demolition derby, movies, and video games?

Blogger Darren Says:

My problem with the Simpson's is similar to my problem with the Transformers. It lacked some of its original charm. No Power Plant, no school, no left-handed shop, No Mr. Plow, Almost no or very little of Moe's tavern, "throngs" of new characters that did little to aid the already weak plot. Did I think it was funny? Yes- Several parts were hilarious. Could they have written something better? Yes! They have regular episodes that have been far better. I'm clearly biased because I literally watch it every night before bed. So yep it was funny, but a little too random for a major motion picture.


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