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the tall and shining city

something i haven't quite talked about a whole lot is the stuff that's been going on w/my grandparents, both of whom were simultaneously in the hospital this past month - my grandfather with a minor stroke and my grandmother still suffering the effects of an aneurysm... it was interesting how it brought our family together in a way that rarely happens - i saw my aunts and cousins more in recent weeks than in the last year, realizing how tragic it is that we aren't like that more often.

my mom recently shared some tales of my italian immigrant great-grandparents and their kids and brothers and sisters, very close, spending weekends together; and how strange and shocking it was to them when one of those families moved across the country.

i'm not too far from my mom's side of our family - most are within an hour's drive - but that's enough distance to limit most of our time together to two or three times a year. that's something i think i'd like to mend with our kids and my brother and sister (and renee's sister).

so my grandfather's back at home and my grandmother's in an assisted-living place for therapy for a few weeks, but eventually they'll both be back home. they're persistent and strong - and seem to be pretty capable of continuing to manage on their own and take care of themselves despite illness like this showing up occasionally. my grandmother's doctors are calling it a miracle that she made it through surgery - and yet a few weeks later she's back to normal, her voice a bit quieter but with all of her vigor and passion. if you're curious about why i have so much trouble controlling THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE - it's all her.


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Blogger Nickolini Says:

Jaylene is always giving me a hard time about our kids being so loud saying it is from the Italian side. If you know my dad, then you know why.

Blogger B-Call Says:

J, you're Italian? You now have one of the credentials to officially be my hero.
And, "our kids"??? How many do you have. Certainly not more than The System.
Nick, I guess the reason your kids are always drunk on tequila and yelling, "AREBA!" is because they're half mexican.

Anonymous sYst3m Says:

leave my kids out of this...

Anonymous renee Says:

glad to hear everyone is doing fine. this reminds me sept. 30th beckham w/the la galaxy will play the crew. you and the boi interested in coming up for the game?


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