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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


my broken heart makes me smile

two post and i got our tix for warped and we're going (i think) with our dude john from work. i'm all of a sudden silly hyped for the show even though i know it'll be stupid hot and humid. and it looks from their site that matt hemingway's band black tie bombers will be playing up there, always wanted to check out their show.

this year's warped tour comp is pretty solid, it's about 50% screamo which doesn't do much for me, but 2 discs for $8, you can't really pass it up. i am ghost, my american heart and paramore all perked my ears up.

while i'm linking a million myspace sites... i should include mutemath's, where you can check out their not-too-shabby version of the transformers theme from the movie. i can't think of a lot of other bands that could do that track justice...

so i mentioned the bbq revue over at darren's - thinking about trying it out sunday night if people are free...


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Blogger Simon Says:

I can't believe you're paying that much for Warped Tour. It just sounds like a bunch of sucky bands to me.

I know we've talked about this before, but you wanna go check out a BTB show on the 9th next month?

What time Sunday?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

there are at least six bands i've wanted to see for a while that will be up there... so that cuts it down to like $6 a band. well worth it IMHO.

i may be able to do the 9th

sunday night - 6pm work? they're open til 8

Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, I guess that's not too bad then on ticket price, just hope they're not playing at the same time on different stages. I remember back in the day when we drove up to Cleveland to see Warped, we missed some bands because they were on a different stage. And then Eminem came out and got booed! People were throwing crap at him and what-not.

I'll let you know ASAP about Sunday, I'm supposed to be playing soccer Sunday but I don't know what time the game is. Anyone else going?


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