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it kills me that CNN isn't rebroadcasting the primary debates, but at least they're available online. watching the democratic debate has whittled away a lot of my uncertainty about who i'd like to see as president...

senator obama was the most real dude on stage, with some great ideas and honest commentary, but not a lot of practicality... i loved his answer on english as the national language and how divisive the issue is.

senator biden, too, was very plain spoken, kind of sounded like a car salesman. but i liked him.

senator dodd was an empty suit.

senator gravel is an angry old man.

senator clinton was appropriately underwhelming.

governor richardson annoyed the ever-loving crap out of me. please, shut that man up.

i cannot remember a single significant thing john edwards said at any point in the debate. he seemed to simply try to shovel crap on all the other candidates the whole time.

poor congressman kucinich... the guy is inspiring but seems so terribly fragile, i don't think anyone's going to take him seriously this year either. he sounds like he's running for a school board.

the republican debates just got posted as well. so no matter which side you're on, red or blue - go watch the debates - see if you can find a candidate that lines up with your view.


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Blogger Bragg Says:

Not that I would use The Daily Show as the foundation of my decision, but I really liked the interview Jon Daily did with Republican candidate Ron Paul.

He seems to be the most level headed, consistent republican candidate, but he did also make sure we knew he was on the Republican ticket only because that's the only way he can get his message. (He previously ran as a Libertarian.)

Got to love the monopolistic two-party system we have in place...

Blogger B-Call Says:

the country's still going to hell no matter who's in charge.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

steve - you are totally right, Ron Paul has got me intrigued. i initially ruled him out just because he was a republican - shame on me for being so biased.

Blogger Darren Says:

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Darren Says:

You all know that a Democrat is going to be President right? Even if that Democrat is less qualified for the job. America is just fed up with the Republican party. Just an observation from recent elections. America made a point with the last elections. I'm not saying that this election can't be altered it just seems to be moving in that direction.

I think basically unless you're filthy rich or from Cincinnati you're probably not voting red in this election. Just an opinion. Don't rip my head off. I know I'm in Cincy and 20 of you reading this are red through and through.

Blogger Bragg Says:

I'm purple.

Anonymous artie Says:

The Dems will win if the candidate isn't Hillary. I have a hard time seeing the Nascar Nation voting for her.


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