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break if you like the sound

coming home from work yesterday afternoon it finally struck me - i'm about to see soundgarden, or as close as i'll likely ever get to seeing them. i love cornell's solo stuff, and while my interest in temple of the dog and audioslave never quite matched that of soundgarden, i still enjoy much of their catalogues and that whatever ended up on the setlist would be satisfying.

(secretly (not so secretly, really) i was hoping he'd play through all of superunknown, still in my top 10 all-time list)

as a result - let me drown, spoonman and my wave were absolutely stunning. enough so that i almost didn't notice when they finished the first encore with blackhole sun. and he did sunshower, which i hadn't heard or thought about in, gosh, probably ten years. that plus a few well-done acoustic solo tracks (which, as dave mentioned was tough to listen to because of all the people talking constantly around us...

the great setlist aside, i was probably the most impressed by chris' mood - the guy is more than a dumb rockstar; he genuinely seemed to love performing, and really appreciated the crowd's response, almost like he was surprised that we were enjoying the show as much as we did. very refreshing.

dave's got the setlist over at his site. that's right - double encore, the show clocked in at around 2 hours.


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Blogger ryanham Says:

Nice, glad to know he's not bad live contrary to all the television performances I've ever seen of him.

Glad you got to see a good show, even if everyone else there was being a douche.


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