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beneath another shovel-load

so there's lots of folks in a huff over the creationism museum about to open. i'm not sure i buy the argument that it will end up as a detriment to the intellectual credibility of the area... people really can just not go if they don't like it. those who disagree with the worldview the builders support seem to simply be looking for something to be outraged about. hey, come on, we Christians are supposed to hold the monopoly on that!

really, the strict Creationist view is just a subject that requires a whole lot of unconventional thinking (namely that the Bible is 100% true) before you can start buying into the full story. takes a lot to shift years and years of seeing things a certain way.

every time i read an article i think back over the dozens of influences that have shaped how i examine the history of the planet and our species... there's just as much of Mr. Wheat's biology class in my head as there is of Ken Ham's creationist videos, and to be honest there's likely a bit of Asimov or Roddenberry crammed in there too.

to be honest i haven't really figured things out, i don't think. for years i stood by the new-Earth creation position, feeling like i wasn't a good follower of Jesus if i didn't believe it. but i find myself sort of drifting around that view, simply because i've never done all the research myself. i can quote talking points but it's been pretty difficult to make myself interested in the pursuit of the truth. assuming there are any be-all-end-all conclusions that can be drawn in this life.

i guess that's sort of where i get stuck. i know i won't be able to dig up enough hard evidence of either side to conclusively choose one side or the other, so my "cutting corners" attitude says "why bother when there are much more interesting things to focus on?". both seem to require faith, and since i have actually done enough digging to believe the Bible's authority, i lean towards the thought that it's got to be consistently true or anything becomes questionable.

it's kind of like how i have never felt much pressure to label my faith in any way besides as a follower of Jesus. i don't understand (or care to) terms like "Lutheran" or "Seventh-day Adventist" or "Calvinist" or "Baptist" (actually i think i get that one)... others can squabble about those age-old partitions, it's not really something i think a whole lot about. please don't take that with any air of superiority - i realize how it might sound; it mostly comes out of ignorance and laziness, nothing more.

does anyone else ever find themselves struggling with this?


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Blogger Darren Says:

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Blogger Darren Says:

I think this is a fascinating topic. I spent some time at CBC asking these questions and basically came up with exactly what you might expect. Too much on both sides to take one. However, as a science major, more specifically, Biological science, we are made of dirt (the elements) and water. The Bible does say we were created from dirt and water. Yet, so was everything in evolutionary theories. Evolution may not have to completely contradict the Bible. Though, I do find it interesting that if we evolved, we did it at a substantially faster rate to all other species as far intellect. Your guess is as good as mine. Let me know if you ever figure this one out.

Blogger Simon Says:

I don't really "struggle" with it I would say. This is one thing that has always interested me. I love reading into the topic as much as I can. And as many times as you can see "The upright floaters" video on St. Helen's, the better! I don't know what it is about the whole creation vs evolution thing that interests me so much. Maybe it's my deep interest in sciences when I was in HS, and the crazy teaching of Mr. Davis that got me so into it. But it's a very interesting topic, with many different views.

As far as the whole labeling thing goes, I think I've expressed my opinion on this enough for you to know where I stand on this...

Blogger Darren Says:

If I remember correctly it was "Homo" wasn't it Simon? Ohhhhh! Ouch!

Blogger Simon Says:

Dang Darren, you're on a roll!

Anonymous artie Says:

Really cool interview with a very famous geneticist on NPR about this very topic. Seriously, listen to it.

Blogger Hamrick Family Pictures Says:

Ahhh finally opening... just in time for our return. Weird! When Ryan and I ran the magazine we had a chance to sit down with Ken Ham and honestly i think the museum will be great to help you with any questions you might have. I wish they had this kind of musum growing up! Best thing i think any of us or anyone can do is go check it out!

Blogger B-Call Says:

Nope, the best thing any of us can do is go to Taste of Cincinnati.

Blogger Simon Says:

True story! I already know everything that's in that museum. I can tell you 100 things about creation. I can't tell you a single thing that will be at "Taste" or how it will taste...

Blogger Nickolini Says:

I like answers, but at the same time, I am alright not knowing everything God knows. Maybe the details regarding the origin of the universe cannot be understood by man, so God gave us a brief version in the Bible. If we reject God's version....then we are just idiots. I am pretty comfortable admitting I am not as smart as God. While I think it is good to win over minds....God really wants hearts. There has to be a leap of faith at some point.


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