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the flash, indeed.

i had plenty of time to fire up pokemon this weekend - after getting knocked out during poker on saturday night (a picture from which, displayed above, showed up in my inbox mysteriously at midnight); while waiting for people to show up at walt's; and while generally just sitting around. this was the case last night after a stunning sopranos - where, after about seven hours into the game, i hit a wall and found myself rendered totally uninterested.

at its core the game is a very simple RPG, reduced to a complexity manageable by a six year old... you have a party (your little dudes), each has skills with limited uses, experience points, hit points, and you can buy items and heal yourself anytime for free. so in that sense it's about at the level my patience can tolerate; unfortunately it's also very repetitive. i had a few macked-out pokemon in my crew, and i could lay waste to pretty much anyone i fought, but in spite of that i finally succumbed to the condition that prevents me from enjoying nearly any RPG anymore - leveling up.

specifically: i have a hard time wandering around in the same 8x8 square, waiting for a random attack to occur, fighting mobs of enemies, just to build up my characters in preparation for the upcoming plot point. this was the reason i recently bailed on FF3 on the DS - spend two minutes on the storyline, half an hour walking around trying to get enough money and experience to get your party ready for the next big element of the storyline, go through that for a few more minutes, spend another half an hour building experience... it's just not entertaining.

tack onto that the hopeless situation you put yourself in if you build up the wrong skills or buy the wrong weapons, and get to a place in the story you can't get past, and you have to start over... ugh. how is that appealing to anyone?

what works better (for me) is the KOTOR or zelda setup where your stats increase along with the story automatically, so you're never stuck and things flow a little more smoothly.

i have no idea how i managed to play through all three final fantasy legend titles back in the day. i guess i was a little more patient when i was eleven years old? or maybe the concrete of my likes and dislikes wasn't as solid as it is today.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

how on earth does one break a computer chair like that?!?!~Jeri

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I'm glad you all had fun! Ryan won nothing...who won all the poker money!!~Jeri

Blogger ryanham Says:

Dude, not all RPGs are that dumb. There's a specific MMORPG that I know a few things about, and that one is actually driven by the storyline...if you take the time to read the quests. 90% of the quests that I did while gaining my 70 levels followed the storyline, some closer than others. I will say this though, there is the element of "the grind" in there at a few points. You do have to suffer through killing a certain number of mobs in order to complete a quest, but besides that, you can level completely on receiving, following, and turning in quests, which yield not only experience (solid amounts) but also cash money and equipment rewards. You never really feel like you're worthless in your eq and have to start over, but there is always someone out there with better gear.

Anyway, I guess I'm just saying that not all RPGs are that simple and dull. Don't say you weren't warned ;)

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

very true - not all of them are. see KOTOR, my first example. there is very little 'grind' element there, because (IMHO) the creators of the game were creative enough to find a way to allow me to build characters up without making it seem monotonous.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Word, but in KOTOR it's almost completely story based. I've heard stories of people leveling all the way to 70 without doing many quests in WoW, so I guess I prefer to have the option instead of having to follow a series of "choices" like a choose your own adventure book.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

ummm...arent'y you all sitting right next to eachother when typeing this...DORKS~Jeri

Anonymous Artie Says:

I don't even have the patience for Zelda these days. I need games in 20 minute spirts. Sad, isn't it?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

nod. i don't play well with others, so i prefer my RPG's as an interactive story vs. running around in groups a la WoW. having lightsabers is also a plus.

man, i need to play back thru KOTOR, it's been a long time.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

What the crap are you all talking about! Artie..I'm the same way!

Blogger Darren Says:

So here is my new blog.



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