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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


overdosed on apathy

homemade sausage

yes friends, sausage. i finally gave the homemade sausage craft a shot and it worked out great... took a few minutes to get the hang of doing three things at once... i think in the future, i'll need two men on this (that's what she said, NO TIME, but she did, NO TIME!!!)

hot fuzz was absolutely brilliant, a fantastic comedy, with TIMOTHY F)*(#&$( DALTON, holla

so how was your weekend?


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Blogger Simon Says:

Nice sausage! It's really packed in there!

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

so it begins.

simon, i gotta rate that one a 5/10. you have more in you than that. what else you all got? who's gonna score the most?

(have i fed you enough material yet? zing, there's another one!)

Blogger B-Call Says:

get some more dudes there and you could have a "Sausagefest".
that was lame.

i was kind of leary of hot fuzz. i guess i should go see it now.

Blogger Bragg Says:

you should go see it. it was completely brilliant!

Anonymous sYst3m Says:

yes, hot fuzz was amazing. definitely go see it.

@jwhall: in my mind, i have always pictured your sausage to be bigger.


Blogger Nickolini Says:

J...your sausage is a little Bill Clintonesque....

Blogger ryanham Says:

"Turn your head and cough"


"Doc..that hurt a little. What happeneOH MY GOD!"

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

So Who wants to go to Vegas? August 10th through 18th Em and I are headed to Vegas. All are welcome. It should be a lot of fun. We are staying in the Luxor or Treasure Island. It will cost about $875/person including flight. Let us know if you are down.

Also, I think there is something seriously wrong with your penis Justin. I don't think it was designed to bend that way.


Blogger MikeE Says:

You will be very poor people if you spend all your time in the casinos! That's a long time to be in Vegas.

You should hit up the Pink Jeep tours. Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. Great tour.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Yeah, make sure you take the dam tour. Hopefully you get a good dam tour guide. Don't forget to wear your dam helmets.


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Justin...stop taking private pictures of my husband


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