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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


this ritual is destroying me

mmm, delicious content! time to dust off the old <UL> tag:

  • big hamrick and the family are coming back home. b, tony and i conned him into joining the team... we promised him it was a better job, but really he's going to be fetching us coffee and humiliating himself for our constant amusement. i hope you like wearing chaps, dude.

  • super paper mario has both renee and i enthralled, i will write up a full review once i complete it.

  • the sopranos' final episodes haven't knocked my socks off yet, but they're making them twitch. so far they've just served to stir up rumination on who is going to take out tony at the end of the series... because if they don't kill him off (and make it spectacular), the whole bloody thing was a total waste and they wouldn't be doing justice to the finest drama in history.

  • year zero is out tomorrow. ethel has been playing pieces of the whole album, and so my quest to avoid listening to the entire thing before i have the disc is failing. god given and my violent heart are still my favorites.

    while i've skipped the streaming player on the official site, hearing six or seven of the tracks, one by one, every week or so has convinced me ahead of release that the disc is going to be great, and so i'll have that decision out of the way when i first listen to it, freeing me up to hear it for what it is.

    because i am a strange bird when it comes to first listens of a disc... generally if i don't hear the entire thing straight through, it messes up how i see it from then on. so let's say on a 14-track disc i listen to the first six, then i get out of the car. the remaining eight tracks will almost never seem as good to me as the first six, i won't ever be very excited to listen to them.

    gosh, i am sorry for that quick tour through one of the hundreds of twisted elements of my personality. just forget you ever read that.

  • i need something interesting to read. i've realized that there are about a dozen CS Lewis titles i haven't ever been through. any suggestions on where to continue on? i think i may try to track down the great divorce, i've seen like a dozen references to that book in the past month for some reason. *update* nm: found something, duh.


for this post

Blogger Nickolini Says:

The Great Divorce is a great book. I have it if you want to borrow it.

Blogger Davie Says:

God Given is my favorite.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Sweet! I made #1 on the list!

P.S.: I knew full well what the job was when I agreed to it. Goes to show you that if you pay me enough money, I'll do anything. Of course, it's not I haven't worn chaps for you before...er..wait. Yeah.

P.P.S.: Tell tony and b they're jerks for going out of town when I'm there!

Blogger Bragg Says:

...and still waiting for my chance to fetch coffee and entertain you. I am a monkey. I'll dance like a monkey. I'll even bring my own chaps...

Good gravy I want to work with the cool peoples...

Blogger B-Call Says:

ask simon, he knows that I'll do ANYTHING for a dollar. that's it. i'm a cheap whore.

Anonymous sYst3m Says:

@ryanham: they changed our class from a 4 days to 3... so it's a hotel party on thursday night, er, we might be back on friday. do you know when are you flying back?

@bragg: if they are ass-less chaps, i will pay you to walk around the office :)

Blogger MikeE Says:

So when are you in town Hamrick?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

hat's right people- The third annual "Darren's week of fun" is coming up and begins Saturday April 28th.

The places we will hit up throughout the week include:
1. P.F. Chang's
2. Bennihana
3. Dewey's Pizza
4. Olive Garden (or likely something better)

and of course the standards

5. Skyline
6. LaRosa's Pizza
7. Chipotle

Dessert incudes:

1. 29 cent Icees Sat and Sun. @ Ameristop in April
2. Graeters
3. Maggie Moos- Jesus will probably provide "Choco Mallo" in heaven
4. Friday's Oreo Madness
5. Costco's Big Freakin' Cake
6. Domino's Cinnastix

Entertainment will include:

1. Spiderman 3 (Probably)
2. Putt-Putt (somewhere)
3. Nine Holes of golf
4. Basketball as usual on Saturday at the ridiculously large gym our church just built
5. Tennis
6. Soccer/Wiffle Ball/Basketball
7. Maybe some kind of concert, unless Em and I are performing both weekends.
8. Maybe a Reds game

All are welcome to join. Last year was amazing and it seems to be getting better every year. Even if you don't know anyone, but me- Come hang out!- That is how we like it. The people I hang with are hilarious, welcoming, and a little unpredictable- A recipe for some quality fun.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Dunno officially yet, still trying to get CB's HR to wake up and send me the proper forms. Hopefully I know more today or tomorrow...I'll shoot an email when I've got the flight booked.

P.S. Darren, it'll for sure be after your weekend-o-fun, so sorry I missed it, but I might be there for Cinco de Mayo!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

"Lord, help me to understand theses strange group of guys and create a bond with their wives that we can bully up on the guys" :o)~Jeri

Anonymous Anonymous Says:


We will just have to create a week for you when you move back.


Anonymous artie Says:

J, have you read all the Narnia books yet? I have 'em as a set if you're interested.
ps: I'm writing this on my Wii. How cool is that?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I have got to get a Wii!!!



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