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i'll live and die a fisherman

adrian's staying here for the next week and he brought over his 360 that he just got. we played quite a bit of upscaled GH2... a few interesting new tracks, including rancid's salvation and pearl jam's life wasted. i loaned out my PS2 copy and both my guitars a few months ago and haven't gotten them back yet - so i'd forgotten about two unique aspects of the game:

- the strange upward bleed of everything you look at for five or ten minutes after playing. seriously. play for a few songs and then look away and tell me you don't see things slowly creeping upwards.

- it doesn't matter if you nail every note in the entire song - if you miss the last note, it kinda buzzkills the entire performance.

spent the last two days at great american watching the redlegs. they won both games - a total streak of three after today's win over the pirates. thursday we were in a box, so it was nice and warm, but friday we sat in 35 degrees, two rows up from the left field corner. i tell you what - going to a few games early in the season just may be the key to actually making me interested in major league baseball for the rest of the year.

the new cincinnati bell riverboat deck + executive briefing center looks slick. i'm excited to (hopefully) go to some meetings down there. heh, who would have dreamed ten years ago that AMD and Sun would be advertising in a ballpark?


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Blogger ryanham Says:

Make sure to schedule some training sessions for me down there on my first week...that is, if I get that offer letter! ;)


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