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we've had an interesting experience getting renee's new car over the past month. she's wanted a convertible since she was little, and so we went with about the cheapest, most reliable one we could pick up, a 2007 toyta camry solara. the problem with car buying (that i noticed when getting mine in 05) is that it's not like ordering a sandwich. you can't just say, i want the absolute base model with no options in this color and have it magically appear, like you would a meatball hoagie. i get why; the automotive industry's profits would vanish were that the case. sadly economics are on the seller's side here.

so that means when you aim for a model that there aren't many of, you either get it driven in from wisconsin (as this one was) or you wait six months for them to custom-build it. we wanted to sell renee's civic while we could still get a few bucks for it, so we opted for wisconsin.

we worked with performance toyota up on route 4, and they were marvelous, gave us a great price, stayed open two hours later than close to finish up paperwork last night, all for a sale barely above invoice.

the car drives like a camry - smooth as silk, the v6 unnervingly quiet, even at higher RPM's. it's a base, so no bells and whistles (i just spent way too long thinking about how to spell "whistles"). she likes it - and looks pretty good in it IMHO.



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Anonymous sYst3m Says:

wow, you got it already? that was quick. those $600 trailers are fast. :)

hope you guys got to enjoy it today, because next weekend is going to be cold and suck.

Blogger Darwin Says:

Nice looking car and driver.


Blogger ryanham Says:

Awesome looking wheels. Thanks a bunch, now Jeri's going to want a convertible.

Blogger Hamrick Family Pictures Says:

Dude, I said i wanted one after the boys are older! Not practical right now for our growing family

Blogger Hamrick Family Pictures Says:

But hey were do you all live...we will live next door and Reene and I can drive around in it :o) hehehe


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