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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


tired eyes on the sunrise

so god of war 2 drops on tuesday. i've been mostly just hanging out on the wii virtual console lately, so i welcome a change of pace. despite stellar reviews i wasn't sure about picking it up - nothing looks vastly improved over the first one; i'm really coming back because of the delicious "hack & slash through piles of monsters" feel, and occasionally the first one really stunned you with its scope. you walk out into a new area and you can see crazy things going on around you, for miles.

also, because the wii's library is massively skimpy. give me a rich, deep, multi-hour experience. no more minigames or gimmicky japanese junk. seriously. i don't want to cook on my TV - i own a game system to escape the mundane. super paper mario next month will be another clever distraction - probably a brief one. ea has a tiger woods game coming as well, but i doubt i'd dig it for more than a few minutes. it's starting to feel like the DS did at the outset - two or three appealing games, nothing from third parties, and very little on the horizon - namely metroid, smash bros and no more heroes. the VC has kept me fed by appealing to my retro side... but there's only so many SNES games that i'm interested in replaying. with MGS4 and halo 3 due in the next year, my eyes are starting to wander...


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