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in my weak-willed attempt to eat a little better, one of the first places i attacked was the amount of pop i drink. in a few short years, thanks primarily to renee's urging, i've gone from six or seven cans a day to one or two a week. the tough thing has been to substitute it with something that doesn't suck.

what is difficult mostly is that i'm a thirsty dude. i drink a whole lot, for whatever reason. i don't exactly lose a lot of liquid during the course of the day, sitting in my cube. but i will readily consume four or five glasses of any given beverage during one meal. if it's not pop...

the common answer i hear is water, and so let me quickly respond to that theory with a "shut your piehole". i can't drink something absent of flavor. if i've exerted myself significantly - say, walking across the room - sure, i'll drink some water. or at the gym, sure, whatever. beyond that - no thank you.

at work i've mostly switched to a rotation of kool-aid singles and country time lemonade singles, and that's gone over well. but at home or while i'm out, that won't cut it. i do consume ridiculous amounts of milk - renee has also migrated me to fat-free milk, so it's not so terrible, especially as a substitute for pop. i'll drink juice with breakfast, too. but i do miss pop, and as long as i know it's out there i don't think i'll be able to totally ditch it.

i tried the original coke C2 and it was pretty awful... coke zero was a bit better, but i still had a hard time looking forward to drinking it. coke has managed to hit a home run with cherry coke zero, though - the addition of the cherry flavoring covers up the traditional coke zero bitterness that turned me off. i actually enjoy this stuff - and while i'm sure it's somehow less healthy than water, it certainly isn't adding on the calories like other pop does. bravo, coke, you have succeeded.

btw, did you know that the new cherry coke can design is by rocawear? IT'S THE ROC


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Blogger B-Call Says:

wow. you've managed to sum up my drinking habits perfectly. its like we are one. i also am constantly thirsty. i drink like its my job. its ridiculous how much i drink. although i've never killed as much pop as you do in a day. i stick to mainly juices, lemonade, tea and the KING OF ALL... limeade.
i also feel the same about water. i hate the stuff. i just don't like it. needs me some flava.
i have heard that coke cherry zero is wicked.
one of the many things i gave up for lent this year is soda, like every other year. its really quite easy to lay off the stuff since i do have so many other tasty options (listed above). my only problem is the urges that i get for the one and only coca cola. that, and the fact that i have a fridge still stocked of cheerwine and henry weinhard's staring at me in the face everytime i open the door. but i can't touch it.
must... drink... cranberry... grape... juice.

PS- thank you ocean spray for making some great stuff.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

I'm no health nut...but you guys need to seriously think about drinking the H2O. Kool-Aid is just as bad a soda with all of the sugar just like a lot of juices. I drink all that stuff also, but try to balance it out with at least as much water throughout the day. Just want to see you guys live a while.
.....or just switch to strictly Capt. Morgan. It does a body right.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i've certainly given it a try... several tries, actually, to regularly drink water with and in between meals. what it usually ends up doing is making me so sick of tasteless beverage that i backlash and drink way more pop.

so i'm basically screwed, and so i tried to settle on a happy medium - for now.

i do occasionally go for water... maybe once every few weeks...

Blogger B-Call Says:

there's water in juice, sweet tea, limeade and captain morgan's, right?
isn't that the #1 ingredient?
isn't water what makes all that stuff wet?


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