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flying through my ears

dad, me and alton brown

dad and i saw alton brown speak down at the home and garden fest yesterday. the guy's not a phony, turns out - he's as authentic on his show as he is in person, irreverent and funny and good-natured. we enjoyed it immensely, and i managed to make it through a handshake and autograph and picture without going fanboy on him. good gravy, it took some restraint, though.

saw jim short down at newport last night, as well. australian guy - sort of the style of a british comic, too, dude was hilarious.

i also finished up band of brothers yesterday, watching the whole series start to finish. i think with everything else it was the most emotionally stretching day i've had in quite some time. like my heart was a piece of silly putty pulled in a dozen directions of excitement, sadness and laughter. so i'm aiming for emotionally boring today.


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Anonymous Artie Says:

Alton Brown? I'm so jealous.

Blogger Quentin Says:

Incredible timing - I just discovered Good Eats about two months ago, and Alton Brown has become one of my heroes. I've even started stocking Kosher salt because of him.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Justin...do you have a man crush on alton brown?


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