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whispers that traveling salesmen was one of the greatest half-hours of comedy ever got me curious, and for the last six or so weeks i've been torrenting the office and enjoying it. but i never watched it before because i just can't get into 'awkward comedy' - and the show has been slipping back into that direction (ex: this past week) and i'm not sure i can follow it.

PA's new book is out, just as fantastic as the last two. if you're into that sort of thing.

so we're test-driving a solara convertible today to replace renee's car. don't know if anyone reading on the intertubes has any experience with said vehicle - but if so - please share! i covet your knowledge.


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Blogger Bragg Says:

if it's a toyota, you won't go wrong. that's my experience. it will run as long as you want it to. if you're going with a coupe, check out the new accords (or from the last two years). those are just as good looking and will be in the ballpark considering your price point.

regardless, i hear toyota's customer service, reliability, and performance are above average.

you can check reviews and such at edmunds.com

Blogger Bragg Says:

sorry, check this link
i'm smart.

Blogger scott d Says:

My experience with the Solara was when one was in the shop at Duebber's Automotive. A Delhi woman was given a Solara for Christmas... two years, 20,000 miles and ZERO oil changes later, she blew it up. My uncle dropped a new engine in it and had me test it out. I was under strict instructions to take it out on the highway and see if I could blow it up. Sadly, I was unable. It was a fun ride, though.

Blogger scott d Says:

Oh... to answer your question... my uncle really likes those cars. He says he hardly ever sees them, because they don't break down. Ever. Well, unless you never change the oil.

Blogger DJ HotLunch Says:

My grandparents just got a 2007 solara convertible in August.....they LOVE it. We rode in it...really nice.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

yeah so we drove one of those, a mustang convertible and a CR-V. renee liked the solara the most - it rode incredibly smooth, was very quiet, and silly comfortable, which is much more than i can say for the mustang.


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