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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


left the game on a high note

listening to the aforementioned retronauts gets me reminiscing... it's funny, renee will hear a song, usually associated with a group of "new kids" that were, at one point, "on the block"; and that will remind her of a happy place in her childhood. in comparison, the following things 'bring me back':

- the music from the first level of sonic 1 for the genesis. i used to hang out up at compusa at forest fair mall when i was eleven or twelve and play that game for hours. i didn't have a home console at that time besides my gameboy - my SNES showed up the following christmas - and i couldn't really fathom owning a system that wasn't made by nintendo. one of the reasons that the first VC game i picked up was sonic 1.

- similarly - the first level of doom. two years later, compusa set up a little two-station LAN with multiplayer doom running. i would hang out and play heads-up matches and waste twenty-year-old yuppies in suits that showed up to flaunt their skills.

- balrog's stage in street fighter 2. i honed my skills at time-out up at forest fair, as well as up at surf cincinnati, dumping my allowance a few quarters at a time. there's a reason this track is the ringtone on my phone.

noticing a pattern? sadly, the relative nonexistence of the modern video arcade has crushed the possibility of taking my kids to experience this phenomena. pa did a comic on this topic a few weeks back.

it's not all just video games - shockingly! a few other interesting tidbits:

- poison's fallen angel. fourth grade, open up and say...ahh! was the album of choice. i was the kid at latch key headbanging in the corner. this dude moved into town from alaska that year, into my grade, and we hung out and he introduced me to the forbidden fruits i had yet to taste: hair metal and nightmare on elm street movies.

- another night by real mccoy. pretty much all they played while i worked at the super saver cinemas up at forest fair was early 90's dance music. what a great job, btw - not too stressful, working with a bunch of friends, free movies...

- fleetwood mac's everywhere, from tango in the night. i used to rock this tape on the long drives to the local super saturday classes my mom took me to when i was in elementary school. i don't remember much from them except for the one where i learned magic tricks.

- jimmy buffett's son of a son of a sailor. mom and dad recently filled in some gaps i have about sailing down at brookville lake; there is much about being there on weekends, feet hanging in the water as we raced, that this track dredges up.

i'm sure there are more, i just can't think of them now. so what song stirs up your memory?


for this post

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Did you live at forrest fair mall? Poison and Buffett have something in common... they both suck.
-The Masked Marauder

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

*checks calendar*

geez, is it already National People With No Taste In Music Post Anonymous Comments On My Blog Day? anonymous, i nearly forgot! here, i got you a card! i really hope you like it.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

How does anonymous manage to spell "marauder" correct, but not "forrest?"
I'll balance their suckiness out with a music recommendation for you, Justin. Check out the new Arcade Fire CD, "Neon Bible." If you want, I'll make you a copy. It's good sheeeeet.........

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

heh... thanks for the offer chief. funny - i was just about to write a post on how tired i was of hearing about the new Arcade Fire disc. it would have been liberally sprinkled with the word "overrated", i think :) mostly they're just not my style.

diff'rent strokes and whatnot...

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

although i just skipped thru a few preview tracks on itunes and it doesn't sound half bad. maybe i would enjoy it, who knows.

i've been spinning billy talent II much of this week, so it doesn't quite match the mood i've been in...

Blogger Nickolini Says:

I'll make you a copy if you like. It doesn't seem like you to dismiss an album as overrated without a couple of listens first. I think it's pretty good and the lyrics, while dark, will make you think. I don't have it all figured out yet...such as, "working in the church while your family dies" or "there is not chance for survival is the neon Bible is true," contrasted with.
"You know that I'm a God-fearing man But I just gotta know if it's part of your plan To seat my daughters there by your right hand I know that you'll do what's right, Lord For they are the lanterns and you are the light."
Give it a spin.....

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i'll definitely give it a try. i was actually marking the band as overrated - not the album - as i keep hearing about them being the saviors of rock, but their last disc put me to sleep.

in any case - everyone deserves at least one spin, you're right.

Blogger Nickolini Says:

It might be a matter of taste....Jaylene tells me I listen to "sad bastard" music (Iron and Wine, Pedro the Lion, Hayden, Sufjan Stephens etc..)....I think it puts her to sleep.


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