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nice express lane, cincinnati. generally helps when people in it are driving faster than the people in the other lanes.

i'm not sure how well the dudes working on 275 thought this one out. yesterday on the way home i saw a wonderous spectacle: three days after opening, the express lane's first accident, right next to the 75 onramps. so now instead of having four lanes of slow-moving traffic, you have two lanes of extremely slow moving traffic, and one express lane of stopped-dead traffic, in which the stopped vehicle has no means of escape. brilliant.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

hey, now you know what its like to live, and drive, in Butler County.
its like this EVERYDAY.
only not because of accidents or construction. but because of old people, semis in residential areas, trains every 100 yards, buses and the more poorly planned county in the state.
welcome to hell.

Blogger MikeE Says:

I'd love to see the express lanes exists after the construction, if they were done right.


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