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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


nothing to offer but insufficiency

renee's going to be gone all weekend, so... crap, remind me how i am supposed to motivate myself to do anything? besides play SPM and watch battlestar? we are watching the aqua teen film tonight and supposedly playing poker afterwards... but the rest of the weekend, i'm not sure what will inspire me to shuffle towards the light streaming through the windows. heck, there may be a campfire burning in our place when she gets home, with vines twisted up the walls.

i got guitar hero 2 back, so maybe i'll rock through some of that. and we are doing some landscaping work up at the Y where lifespring jams on sunday mornings, so i'm going to at least get out of the house for that...

oh yes, i will also be eating white castle... it's been an eternity since i've had a slider rush through my digestive tract like the flash.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

backpacking ths weekend if you want. we are going to red river gorge, ky. leaving sat morning around 7:30-8, get back sunday afternoon around 1-2.
call me if you want to go, 312-3007
ps. the topo is really easy

Blogger Davie Says:

Clearly you need to come watch UFC 70 at our house tomorrow night, and see the terrifying Mirco Cro Cop demolish some poor sap.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Mirko Cro Cop + Kick to the head = "You got knocked the F*** out!"

Good fight, surprising result.


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