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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


betraying pomp and discipline

since i am terrified of the potential for an abortion debate in the comments, i'm posting something else for you all to discuss:

should i get Pokemon for the DS?

sure, it's a kids' game, but there are some prominent gaming journalists that i highly respect, that are addicted to this game. i don't really like RPG's, but it sounds like it's a very scaled-down version of that type of title. i also can't play it online from home, which from what i hear is one of the more engaging features.

(side note: i tried MGS:Portable Ops online last night for the first time and got my face handed to me, but it was sweet nonetheless)

hamrick being back reminds me of college and the ohio avenue house, where we jammed pokemon stadium on the N64, knowing nothing about pokemon at all, just playing to see how badly we could beat each other.

i signed up for a free trial of gamefly because i find myself in this situation often - wanting to rent games to try before i buy, but finding that most video stores have zero selection. i just dropped netflix - maybe this will work as a lower-cost replacement? anyway, pokemon diamond is #1 in my queue but has a long wait, so i figured i'd see if anyone's played it yet, or how many people are now going to point at me and laugh, guessing the latter is more likely.


for this post

Blogger ryanham Says:

*points and laughs*

But I do like mudkips.

Me being here and working with you reminds me of driving to work together from Ohio Ave jamming to songs about Coffee.

Blogger B-Call Says:

I played pokemon with Jeff Sims' Guatemalans a few months back while watching them. I was totally lost and the game was pretty boring. And I actually used to watch pokemon.
Don't do it.

Anonymous artie Says:

Wait for the rental.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I think we, as a group, are much more prone to discuss tough issues in politics. I don't think a debate on any topic in your comments would be negative. In fact, it would be a compliment to how often your blog is read and discussed. Though I agree, a debate on abortion was not warranted from the previous blogs.

People get too fired up about their views. I guess I bring these issues up, not to challenge, but rather to learn how others view them. Maybe I am too open-minded on debates and discussions, because nothing is off limits for me. Sorry J.


Blogger Justin Hall Says:

here's why it frightens me: debates over issues that are so polarizing and passion-driven, when carried out in a text-based medium, allow for all sorts of mis-interpretation and wreak havoc with personal relationships.

you'd think that doing it in this context would allow people to leave emotion at the door and more coherently and rationally discuss conflicting ideas... but no, people are so used to reading into things and trying to extrapolate hidden meanings in what others say, that we - me included - overreact and take severe offense to things said that were intended as innocuous and nonlethal.

you've got to show up to a discussion like that with the intent to learn and grow, not just defend your view to the death. i'm not sure that it's possible to create the kind of environment where an enormously complex issue like abortion could be discussed in that way...

that said, i love to hear everyone's points of view about anything here in these comments. it's the main reason i write stuff here. i collect and digest your ideas and opinions like delicious slices of pie.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Umm...delicious slices of pie.

I agree that things can be misinterpreted. Maybe a verbal discussion is a wiser approach. Next time we discuss serious issues we should do it at a venue where everyone is given equal respect for their insight. SO no girls! Yes that was a souvenistic remark, what are you going to do about it women? (I hope my wife doesn't read this. She is kind of a femi-nazi. I'll never hear the end of it).


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Who's reading into things? I'm not...i would say more then 50% of all we type on here shouldn't be taken personal...because you can't see or hear the persons voice to hear the intention. So I don't take it personal or read into it :o)

Discussions like this are good for everyone to grow and learn...not to have hard feelings...We are all mature adults...most of the time...(I don't know what happens at poker night so that's an open opinion)

The No girls thing...what ever make you all feel comfortble. if me discussing it in a open discussion face to face makes you uncomfortble... I'm sorry. I'm not trying to change anyones opinion...and i'm sorry if you all thought i was :o)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

See it just happened. The no girl thing was an obvious joke. You read into it. That is what J was talkin' about.


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