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call 'em my eye candy

engadget's got a story on the upcoming RAZR 2, dropping this summer. from the pix alone it seems as if they've fixed nearly every element of the current model that i don't like, namely:

- the OS is fugly
- the mini-USB port doesn't have a dustplug
- the sides of the hinge don't look that good
- the goofy zigzagging lines on the keypad

this new one looks pretty hot IMHO and if the quality matches that of my current model, i'll sign up (cinbell discount in hand). this phone has lasted longer than any of the six others i've used since 1998 (speaking of - any of you remember this monstrosity?)

and with reason - the above gripes and the unpredictable battery life aside, the thing is a solid piece of gadgetry... it's stayed alive and kicking, even after several severe impacts... a little superglue and it's happy.

side note, the new bad religion track honest goodbye sounds like a weezer song, ugh, hopefully it's not representative of the whole album.


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Anonymous artie Says:

No interest in the iPhone?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

i have no desire to own an all-in-one device - especially one that will die after five hours of usage. i will not be an iphone customer, sadly.

Anonymous artie Says:

But it looks so cool.

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

heh.. indeed... i guess i'll be playing with yours, then :)

Anonymous artie Says:

Nah. It's an Apple product which means you have to wait until version two. Version one always kinda' sucks (like your iBrick).

Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, that track is a total different sound from every BR song I've ever heard. I don't know how I feel about the "new" sound. What's up with the back up vocals and woooaaaahs? What's gotten into Greg?

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

the last two (Process Of Belief and Empire) were definitely more returns to the classic pre-Grey Race sound...i certainly hope they aren't aiming for radio-friendly on this disc. i heard another track, a live bootleg of a song called Heroes And Martyrs that was also kind of weird.

Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah I really like their last album The Empire Strike First, and even New America was pretty good. So I would be surprised to see them fade from their normal. But you never know...maybe Greg found Jesus...


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