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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


i know you're not listening

i mentioned the 'interesting' new bad religion track a few posts back... well this other one from the new disc sounds quite a bit more like their style, called Heroes and Martyrs:

talk about underwhelmed - the two new straylight run tracks from their upcoming disc the needles the space aren't doing much for me. soon we'll be living in the future is upbeat and listenable but the words we say is just goofy. i'm all for evolving the sound, but you also have to stay true to who you are as you do so.

eyeing that new wilco disc. anyone picked it up yet?

gamefly certainly isn't flying (you see what i did there?) - the service has been dog-slow. maybe i shouldn't expect my stuff to arrive through a netflix-esque wormhole, but man... took em a week to deliver the first one, played it for a weekend, shipped it back monday, and they shipped the next six days later (and probably won't show til thursday). sure, they only have two warehouses, i won't fault them for infancy, but it's kind of not worth it. netflix's one-day-between-discs spolied me, it seems.


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Blogger Simon Says:

Ah...that sounds like the B.R. that I know!

Anonymous artie Says:

I think we're gonna' do the Blockbuster thing where you return a movie to the store and get to take home a game.


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