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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


racing to outrun the wind

big dave snagged tickets to chris cornell at bogarts on june 1. i'm still a little iffy on the prospect of the upcoming disc - idolator has some leaks from the album, including the fabled billie jean cover (verdict: blah), but if just half the show is from euphoria morning and old soundgarden tunes i will be satisfied.

speaking of tunes. found an itunes-based music tagging tool called moody that seems to be written for weirdos like me. you select a mood that matches a song, based on a 4x4 matrix representing a range of emotions... top left is angry, bottom left is bummed, top right is excited and bottom right is mellow. tagging will take quite a while - you have to do one at a time, and i can't get it to do whole albums at once... plus it's mac only... but once complete it'll add a whole new dimension to my random playlists. sweet action.


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Blogger Hamrick Family Pictures Says:

DUDE this moody thing looks awesome! Do they have it for PC? Maybe something like it? I will keep looking...if you find something let me know!

Blogger Davie Says:

At the risk of getting our hopes up too much, here's the set list Cornell played at a show this past week. If ours looks like this, I'll be pretty satisfied:

01. Spoonman
02. Outshined
03. Original Fire
04. Arms Around your Love
05. You Know my Name
06. What You Are
07. Rusty Cage
08. Seasons
09. I Am the Highway (solo)
10. Can't Change Me (solo)
11. Scar on the Sky (solo)
12. Doesn't Remind Me
13. Cochise
14. Billie Jean
15. No Such Thing
16. Jesus Christ Pose
17. Encore Break #1
18. Mission
19. Say Hello 2 Heaven
20. Black Hole Sun
21. Encore Break #2
22. Call Me a Dog (solo)
23. Redemption Song (solo)
24. Like a Stone
Total time: 1:49:17

Blogger Justin Hall Says:

!??!?!!? Redemption Song?

holy crap that is gonna rule

Blogger Davie Says:

The good news is that type of set list looks pretty consistent. Here's the show from the day after that:

01. Spoonman
02. Outshined
03. Show Me How To Live
04. Arms Around Your Love
05. You Know My Name
06. Hunger Strike
07. What You Are
08. Rusty Cage
09. Be Yourself
10. Seasons
11. I Am The Highway (Acoustic)
12. Scar In The Sky
13. Can't Change Me
14. Doesn't Remind Me
15. Cochise
16. Bille Jean
17. (No Such Thing
18. Jesus Christ Pose
19. (Encore 1
20. (Mission
21. Like A Stone
22. Black Hole Sun
23. Encore 2
24. Sunshower
25. Loud Love
26. Encore 3
27. Slaves And Bulldozers

Oh man, if they play Slaves and Bulldozers at our show... they could just play only that and walk off the stage and I'd be happy.


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