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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


now they know i'm hollow

when el gucherino first explained killer bunnies to me, i chuckled to myself... "some geniuses suckered these normal, non-nerds into playing fricking Magic by changing the wizards and knights into adorable cartoon rabbits... brilliant!"

brilliant, indeed. to take such a niche concept and successfully market it to the unwashed (but likely more washed than d&d nerds) masses, you have to make this thing relatively quick to pick up and silly / random enough that people don't feel too much like dorks while playing it.

the game pulls both off pretty well. boiled down, you are trying to collect as many Carrot cards as you can while trying to prevent others from collecting them by taking out their Bunny cards - you do this mostly using different types of weapon cards.

i played my first round on sunday and i'm hooked. and i truly believe if a bunch of other normal, non-Trek watching folks like ed and simon and darren can sit around and play this game, shrugging off any stigma associated with CCG's, then i can convince renee that this is a worthwhile venture - she loves cards, after all.


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Blogger Darren Says:

I will put in a good word for you if need be J. I think she will come around.

btw, I owned you B#$@!es!!! That's right my Number 16 carrot handled his business!!!

Blogger Simon Says:

Sarah and Theresa are both big fans of the game. So, I'm sure you can convince Renee to play. We're going to have to have a sweet killer bunnies party again!

Blogger Nickolini Says:

I'm there.

Blogger ryanham Says:

Dude, just don't let anyone else in her family play you. They'll win.

It is card based after all.


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