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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


let me see a face card drop

 the higher - on fire

i listened to a handful of songs off this band's pace yourself EP... initial reaction was "these guys are on Epitaph?"... they have this pop-punk-with-synth sound, think blink-182's last record remixed by maroon 5... it's strangely addictive, though, and while only one or two songs off the EP were interesting, this full-length is quality pretty much all the way through. weapons wired is particularly irresistible.

 puzzle quest

my second grab from gamefly was considerably worse than the first. the guys at PA loved this game, apparently, and i'm struggling with why... you really need to love bejeweled to even start thinking about liking this game. so about three minutes in, i was done. i sent it back the next day, so that means the next one should show up in about, oh, 2012.


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