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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


what the silence will scream

i finally tracked down a copy of the PC version of KOTOR and i've been jamming through that, waiting for renee to finish phoenix wright so that i can get a turn (only one save spot, capcom? LAME)

i never played through the first KOTOR as a dark side character. it's not very subtle - either you choose to be a merciful angel or a total d-bag, there's no real in-between - and as a result i've been comforted internally at how tough it is for me to force my character to do / say mean things. maybe the evil is beginning to retreat after all.

anyway. the PC version looks pretty awful compared to the original xbox title. i tried it on the macbook at first, but it kept crashing, so i'm playing on my desktop PC, which hasn't been upgraded in years... still running an AMD 1.5Ghz with 512MB and an ancient Geforce2 card. it's playable, though, at 800x600.

speaking of the macbook - openoffice.org dropped for OS X. although i'm booting into that OS less and less, now that i've learned the ins and outs of it i don't really have any interest in dabbling with it anymore and i'm back to windows. i'm too frightened to attempt a triple-boot to feisty just yet, it's still renee's primary PC and the prospect of hosing up the boot partition is a little too risky.


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