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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


elusive as a feather falling

woo, i'm crispy. spent the whole weekend on the whitewater river in southeast indiana, under the stupid hot sun, cooking like a piece of bacon in the canoe. dad and i joined my uncle on his yearly father's day outing... it's not much of a venture for the lazy - and we didn't exactly soar downriver, considering how crazy low it was - and being that i'm a lazy person, i think going once every ten years is a nice round number.

so i know some of you jokers are up for the greek fest next friday. how bout it?


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Anonymous sYst3m Says:


Blogger B-Call Says:


Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, but Steve won't come, cause it's in the 'burbs. When are we going to do Steve's little "Come and enjoy the city" thing?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

As in the 29th or this Friday the 22nd? I'm sure Ryan would like to go...we won't be in town until late Sat night or mid day sunday... but if it's the 29th...he can go

Blogger Bragg Says:

wow simon. you're absolutely right about that one. i hate the burbs so much that i refuse to ever come hang out there ever. wait, where was teh last poker night? where was the last dave and buster's night? where was the last...

k. just checking.

Blogger Darren Says:

Simon was being facetious, but I think that Dave and Buster's is actually zoned in an industrial area. I'm just screwing with you. I get your point though. You are fed up with people making statements like that.

When are we going downtown to hang? I just forgave all those punks from my past so I'm ready to go.

Blogger MikeE Says:

Dara and I are in!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

so what time?


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