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neurological dryer lint

dirty deeds... and the dunderchief


raise the rebel from his grave

this week's 1up show got me bubbling over hyped on some upcoming stuff:

- zelda: phantom hourglass, of course i'll get it, it's a zelda game. i was uneasy, like pretty much everyone else, about the touchscreen controls, but it sounds like it works well. plus japan gave it perfect scores. i guess it's good.

- geometry wars, so the 360 version got old in about five minutes, but i think the DS version might be the next pick-up-and-play title i'm looking for.

- contra 4 is the more-than-spiritual successor to the original NES/SNES series. so does that mean i'll blow through it in three hours like the originals? they compare it to new super mario bros, which was another fantastic title with no replayability. the grappling hook gimmick looks solid.

check it out:


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