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yeah BBQ Revue. the east side actually spawned a halfway decent barbecue joint... the verdict, simon style:

Pork: had a bite of renee's pulled pork. pre-sauced and a little chewy, but i don't often do pulled pork, so it's not my bag. tony said the ribs were fantastic, and that's what they're known for, so that sounds like a safe bet.

Chicken: quality stuff. smoked great with excellent seasoning, not the flawless doneness/consistency of Walt's, but pretty darn good. a half-chicken was $4.25, so pretty cheap considering, but that didn't come with any sides. they didn't do combos - the sides were all sold separately.

Sauce: only one style, a mustard-based that was spicy, a little runny, not the best flavor - had a bit too much heat without much else substance.

Sides: i loved their mac & cheese - creamy, a good blend of sauce and shredded cheese, peppered just right. tony got the slaw - looked tasty.

Cornbread: thumbs down. dry, cold, flavorless. run away.

Service: you order up front and take your tray back to the table... the people behind the counter were pretty nice, but we were the only people there, so take that how you will.

Atmosphere: down-home truck-stop feel (complete with old school dining car outside). totally empty, too, possibly cause it was sunday night, but also because i'm not sure how in-demand a BBQ joint out in that part of town is. but it was friendly, warm, and i'd love to go back.

Cost: deceptively reasonable - renee and i did chicken and pulled pork, cornbread, drinks, and shared mac & cheese and it was about $13. a good deal, but not drastically cheaper than your average non-chain BBQ joint.

Satisfied? if you've got to be out in that area (which is much more central than really east side, it's not far from 71), it's a solid choice. there's enough quality on the menu and it's not expensive - well worth the trip.


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Blogger B-Call Says:

mustard based sauce = JANK bbq.
if that was the only sauce option, then i'm glad i didn't go.
and if they're pre-saucing thier pulled pork, then that's bad news too.
dry, thumbs down cornbread??? wow, you've just hit the holy trinity of reasons why you SHOULDN'T hit up this bbq place.

Blogger Darren Says:

I hate mustard sauce style BBQ, but this was so subtle that you wouldn't have known it. It was a bit runny, but I enjoyed it.

Blogger B-Call Says:

so, if you go there, you should get the chicken and the mac 'n cheese? is this a bbq place or Bob Evan's?

Blogger Simon Says:

Yeah, I'm not much of a fan of Mustard Based BBQ sauce either. God told me not to eat it. So I'm kinda glad I didn't go either. In the BBQ world, that's considered Carolina Style (with sauce). There is a place in the world for that stuff, but my stomach isn't one of them...

Blogger Simon Says:

Hold on, what is that crap all over the ribs in the picture on the front pages of their site you've got linked? It looks like "real" bbq sauce to me. They wouldn't allow that on the pork or chicken?


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